Disable Email Replies Conversation Threaded View In Gmail

Gmail is a great email service which is simple, powerful and not a confusing interface like other email services like yahoo mail, hotmail etc this is the reason why I love gmail. There is a very useful feature in gmail due to which threaded email conversations appears together as one mail as they make easy to trackback what had u replied earlier.

This feature is called conversation view in gmail, this feature is really good but some people don’t like this feature at all so gmail team has just announced a new option for those who would rather like to disable the conversation view in gmail, follow the procedure below to know how to do it.

Login to your gmail account, and go to the settings page – look for the “Conversation View” section, select the option to turn it off, and save changes.

Here is how the mail replies with look like with and without conversation view enabled


This new option to disable the conversation view will be rolling out over the next few days so if you don’t see it immediately, check back in a bit.

[ Source Gmail Official Blog ]

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