Disable, Do Not Show Boot Screen Logo While Booting In Windows 7

Hello readers!!! Hope you are enjoying the posts everyday. You must have noticed that the boot screen of Windows 7 is highly animated as compared to Windows XP or Windows Vista. So, some of you might get annoyed on seeing that animation again and again and you may want to get rid of it. Today, I will be telling you about a way in which you can get rid of this boot screen or in other words there will no boot screen it will be blank. Believe me, it is really not a big deal, it will take only few and simple steps to start and this method (and I am sure that after this you will have smile on your face).

So, just follow the steps as mentioned and you will be able to get the remedy of this problem.

  • First of all go to the RUN window, shortest way will be typing the RUN in the search field in the start menu. Once you get this Windows of RUN type ‘msconfig’ in RUN command window. It will look similar to the one shown below in the snapshot.


  • Then after clicking OK on the RUN command window, you will see an window opened in front of you. Click the Boot tab of that window and you will see a similar window which has been shown below in the snapshot.


  • Now on that window, you can see a check box named as ‘No GUI boot’, the animated screen that you see on the booting of your system is nothing but the Graphical User Interface and it is for the interaction of the OS with the system. They added this screen in order to make the user convenient but if you do not need any animated screen while booting your system and you like waiting with a blank screen, then you can go for enabling this option. The snapshot of the same has been shown below in the snapshot.


Thats it!! you disabled the Windows 7 boot screen, now this is one of then best options which is available in the this OS as you will not find it in the previous version of Windows. I hope that this post helped you to solve your problem efficiently. Keep reading and Have a nice day!!!!

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