Disable / Delete SearchIndexer.exe | Stop Windows Enhanced Search

SearchIndexer.exe is one the executable behind the enhanced powerful windows search by microsoft, according to microsoft they had improved the search in vista to a great extent but as reported by the users windows explorer hangs many times just because of this enhanced windows search. This enhanced windows search is no doubt good sometimes but uses a considerable amount of CPU Usage.

So, in order to get rid of this you can permanently disable windows search in vista, however you still be able to search in vista even after disabling windows search, Here is how you can disable windows search in vista, follow the procedure below

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For Vista

1. Open Start Menu >> Control Panel

2. Double click Programs and Features, now click the link on the left pane of the window saying Turn Windows Features on or off

3. Now uncheck the option which says Indexing Service ( as highlighted in the image below )


4. click ok

Note: Disabling Indexing service will automatically disable windows enhanced search, however the simple search functionality would still be there and active.

Or else you can disable windows search in services, follow the procedure below for the same

For Vista and XP

1. Open Start Menu >> Run, type services.msc

2. Now locate windows search among the services, right click and select stop

3. Right click windows search again and select properties

4. Select the startup type for this service as disabled


5. click OK

That’s it and now you have stopped searchindexer.exe issue on your laptop. If you are still stuck, feel free to ask questions.


  1. says

    Its irony that the indexing service that takes much of your comp resource is proves to be less needful for average users.

  2. David says

    While I did not want to disable/enable this service, I got hit by a virus and was fixing things up and nowhere could I find out what to do to get this service running again, all sites say go to services and set it to automatic startup but mine wasn’t even there…
    thanks for heading me in the right direction…

  3. Deniz says

    I disabled the indexing service in the way described, so the box was unchecked. I also had set each hard drive earlier to have indexing off. Nevertheless, I heard constant drive activity and found searchindexer.exe to be running, and constantly updating windows.edb file (5 GB), which is the index database, I believe. I terminated the program and the disk activity stopped.

    Does anyone know why the program would keep running and doing things if I had already disabled it?

  4. sean says

    Disabling only changed its startup behavior – it will be disabled during next boot. Since it was already running, it would continue to run until you terminated it. On the same screen as the disabled setting, there is a stop button. you could’ve done it there too. Normal.

  5. Funker says

    Same shit on Windows 7. “Searchindexer.exe” constantly caused high cpu usage and high system temperature – for weeks! As I’m running a 1,6GHz dual core in a laptop, the process constantly caused a 10-20% higher cpu usage which made the fan noise a pain in the ass. Now there is silence – most of the time ;-) Thanks mate!

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