Disable Cut, Copy, Paste, Move and Delete Of Your Files In Windows With Prevent

There can be some instances when you may not want other to copy and paste certain files and folders in windows, but you know your friends who might try to copy those files and folders to their USB pen drives or might try to delete them in some cases. In that case Prevent is free to use utlity which lets you block or disable copy, cut,paste, delete in windows. We had written about how to copy paste text across LAN Network and how to disable copy paste on USB Drive   


This application requires you to set a hotkey to activate this application and disable all copy paste in windows and greys out the cut, copy, paste and delete in right click context menus. Hot Key you set can be used to toggle to turn on / off copy, paste, delete, move etc.


It also disables send to, move to, copy to, stops renaming and also disable task manager and end process button while ending process through task manager.


Note: Prevent has been developed Ritesh for TheWindowsClub.

Download Prevent to stop copy, paste, move, cut and delete on windows [ Thanks IntoWindows ]

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