Disable Changing Internet Explorer Options and Other Settings With Internet Explorer Controller

Internet Explorer Controller allows to block access to internet explorer options, moreover you can do lot more including disabling right click, stop download directory selection, enable or disable all options, disable changing the about page and disable accessing the genera tab.

This simple tool can prove to really useful for network administrators out there and parents who don’t want their children’s to play around with Internet Explorer options.


In order to disable any option related to internet explorer, just select the settings and then select the enable or disable and then no need to apply for settings this tool will save the settings automatically and make them into effect.

Once you have disabled an option like, for example Internet Options – Under Internet Explorer if some one try to access Internet Options – It will throw the following message as shown in the snapshot below.


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This tool works for all the Internet Explorer versions released till now including IE8, we have just tested this tool on windows 7 32 bit with Internet Explorer 8 it worked fine.

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Download Internet Explorer Controller


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