Disable Automatic Update Google Chrome

Google Chrome by default updates itself automatically, but you can disable automatic google chrome update and then manually update google chrome whenever you want to. 

Many google chrome users don’t want google chrome to update automatically, they would rather want to disable automatic google chrome updating behaviour. Follow the procedure below to know how to disable google chrome automatic update.

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type regedit and then press enter.


2. Now Navigate to the following path


If don’t see the Google as key there in the left pane under Policies then you will need to create a key named google and then create a another key named Update under newly created Key Google

Create key under Update Key named DisableAutoUpdateChecksCheckboxValue as string key value and set its value to 1 to disable automatic google chrome update, if you want to enable the auto-updater set its value to 0.


Exit google chrome and you are done, google chrome will not update automatically now.


  1. Lee says

    My computer was running good until google crash handler exe popped up now I can do anything I can go to my search engine and use it but I can’t get into my add and remove file or anything else in my computer panel its like Im blocked . Help???

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