Direct Download Links For Unofficial Google Chrome OS

Google has been developing a google chrome OS based around the framework of google chrome browser, The official, actually-made-by-Google Chrome OS will be for the net books till late 2010, but still you can try out a custom-built Linux distribution which has Google’s browser at the center of everything.


You can either choose to install Chrome OS to your disk with the live CD Image, or you can try out the of the virtual images, pre-built and ready for VirtualBox or VMware. Here are the download links to unofficial Google Chrome OS

Free virtual image of unofficial Google Chrome OSDownload Chrome OS 0.4.207 beta (x86) VMDK [ Run On Virtual OS through VMware or VirtualBox ]

Install Chrome OS on your hard disk using this Live CD imageDownload Chrome OS 0.4.207 beta (x86) ISO [ Install On Hard Disk with this ISO Image ]

[ Via Google Sites ]


  1. Janice says

    Chrome OS is sort of a very basic operating system based on Linux. i wish that google make an operating system just like Windows XP that would compete with Microsoft

  2. says

    i tried Chrome OS and it is pretty much like a scaled down version of Ubuntu. Chrome is just based on Linux and there is nothing new about it.

  3. xw00t says

    This isn’t Google’s Chrome OS but an image of Suse Linux running Gnome that has Chrome installed and has been modified to look like Chrome. Basically it is a fake, sorry :(

  4. Techno Girl says

    I have installed Chrome OS on one of my netbooks and the performance of Chrome OS is just okay. there is nothing fancy or very special about it. It was just a sort of GUI version of linux or something.

  5. Isobel Shaw says

    I have tried using Chrome OS in one of my desktop PC’s, the overall performance is above average to excellent “

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