Different Icons, Shortcuts On Multiple Desktops In Windows 7 Or Later

Are you fond of multiple home screens feature available in your smart phone which lets you maintain different home screen for different applications and you want this multiple desktop feature for your computer also, then I have got an application named Dexpot for you which will help you to accomplish multiple desktop in your computer.

This application will help you to maintain multiple desktops for different type of applications like one for your graphic application, one for business applications and one for personal use. The software will help you to organize your applications and switch between the various virtual desktops in a very comfortable way so that can you can split your workload on different screens and concentrate on one at a time. You can switch between various desktops very easily using the keyboard shortcut Alt + (desktop number).

dexpot 1

After you will download and install the software in your system the application will be running in your system from the System tray. When you will right click on the application the following menu will open for you. The menu has options to select the various virtual desktops i.e. Desktop 1,  Desktop 2, Desktop 3 and Desktop 4. The other options in the menu are  Windows Catalogue, Full-screen preview, Settings, Configure Desktops, Desktop Manager, Desktop Preview, Desktop Windows and Desktop Rules.

dexpot 11

The above window will open when you will select the Window Catalogue option. When you will select this option you will get the window that will show you app the application running for Desktop 1. You can toggle to other Desktops using arrow keys on order to exit you have to click on the red arrow icon on the top right hand corner.

dexpot 2

The above window opens up when we choose Full Screen Preview option. This option will show you all the Four Desktop Screens and the applications running in each one of them. You can also choose any one of them by just clicking on the desktop window you want to choose.

dexpot 3

The above window will get opened when you will select the Settings option of menu. You can modify the various settings options available depending upon your requirements.

dexpot 4

the above window will open when you will select the Configure Desktops option. You can configure the various options according to your requirements.

dexpot 7

The above window will open when you will select the Desktop Preview option.

dexpot 8

The above window will open when you will select the Desktop Manager option. This window will be opened just above your system tray for easy toggling between the various desktops.

dexpot 9

The above window will open when you will select the Desktop Windows option. Using this option you will get the all the windows that are open for the selected desktop.

Download Dexpot.

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