Different Color Different Events, Meetings & Reminder In Google Calendar

There are many criteria on which one can divide the type of event and work which is scheduled in the Google Calendar. For Example your work or any event can be categorized as per your priority or you may also categorize them as per the domain in which it lies in other words you may classify them as Official, personal or more. Now you may differentiate the even on the calendar by the description of the event written on the calendar, but it will always be a problem to differentiate them, as always you will have to read them in order to pin point any event.


But this problem has been solved by Google recently as they have rolled out another feature which will help you differentiate between the types of events held in your calendar by the color code allotted to it. Now you will be able to allot a particular to any type of event. With the help of this you can mark all your personal meetings as RED and others as Green and similarly you can do lots with this. A sample of this has been shown in the snapshot posted above.

Now after marking a task on your calendar, click the task which will take you to another page where you will find setting of the task, in which you can see all the parameters of the task and there you will also find the color which can be selected to code that task.

You might not find it in your calendar as they are rolling it out slowly to all the countries and so it might take some time to reach to you. I hope that you found this new useful, as all of them who always faced problems in managing their events will find it very useful and if you face any issue while using this then please let us know about it.

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