Desktop Shortcuts For Most Used Programs In Windows

How often it happens that you want to access one of the most frequently used applications in your system, but for that also it takes lot of time as you need to look out for its icon first from the list and then you may start it. Although, there are various utilities available on the web which allows you to create a shortcut for your frequently used applications, but rarely someone uses them and the reason behind this is either the complexity of that tool or the size which it consumes. So, today we are going to discuss one similar utility but with distinct features and is really small, simple and fast as compared to its predecessors.

Coolbarz is basically a small, simple, easy to use and a helpful utility which allows its users to add application shortcuts for all the frequently used apps to desktop toolbars. It allows the user to add these shortcuts on all the four edges of the screen which saves lot of time for the user. You can see that the toolbars comes with auto hide functionality, which allows the user to perform the regular tasks normally and without any interference.


You may download this utility easily from the link given below and after the installation, you may observe that it runs in the system tray and will not interfere in any of your currently running application or utility. For configuring the utility you need to simply right-click on its system tray icon and from the menu just select Settings in order to access the configuration menu and for editing it. As already mentioned, that the application allows you to add up to 4 toolbars on your desktop on all the four sides. While configuring, you may choose the positions of toolbars shortcut icons, alignment of icons within toolbars, color of toolbars and buttons. Other options such as the show and hide delay, maximum width of buttons, buttons with and without text, and fading options, such as fade in/fade out opacity interval can also be set from the same settings menu which is really simple and helpful.


In order to add a new item to the toolbar, you just need to drag that item with your mouse and drop it over the toolbar and rest will be taken care by the utility itself. Similarly, for accessing the toolbars you need to hover the mouse over the edges of the screen.

So, overall we can say that it is a nice little utility which may come handy for you. Download it from the link given below and try it out for once.

Download Coolbarz

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