Desktop Shortcut To Kill A Process | Terminate Hanging Program With Taskkill Command

Yes you can kill any program or process running in windows simple by desktop shortcut to terminate the running process by forcefully end it with taskkill command in windows. This method I used to kill firefox 3.5 as it keeps running under the processes, even after closing firefox window completely or you can use this method to kill any hanged process in windows, through this way you can forcefully kill any process on windows instantly.


In the image above you can see the shortcut I created to kill firefox, in the same way you can create a desktop shortcut to kill any process in windows specially those process which becomes not responding. Similarly you can create desktop shortcut to restart hanged windows explorer

Here is how you can create a desktop shortcut to kill any process instantly

Tip: Terminate Process Forcefully 

In order to terminate the process instantly you will need to send some kill signal command using the some arguments with taskkill windows command, Follow the procedure below

Related Tip: Kill Process and Programs Without Opening Task Manager

1. Right click on the empty area of the desktop and select New >> Desktop shortcut

2. Now copy and paste the following path in the target box

C:\Windows\System32\taskkill.exe –f –im <process name>

For Example

C:\Windows\System32\taskkill.exe –f –im firefox.exe


a. –f is for force kill and –im is to kill all instances of any process

b.  You can get to know the process name for any program through Task Manager under the Process tab . Press ctrl+shift+esc to open task manager.

3. Give a name to your shortcut and click Finish

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  1. ze7en says

    This process does not work with the unsafe firefox.

    It will not kill no matter how you implement the kill process, once the problem has set it self in.

    Early on with the FIREFOX INFECTION the process is easily killed if you do not close the window, but first stop the non-loading page from loading, then use task manager to end the process.

    As time goes on however, the INFECTION gets worse, and begins to spread through any other UDP/TCP HTTP PORT 80 application, such as Opera and IE, and is not only effecting Windows Vista, or Linux, but ANY AND EVERY OS.

    This INFECTION also seems to be attached to a company who does redirecting of PORT 80 traffic to the closest server to the requesting client.

    I am sure most of you have started seeing the new cookie recently that seems to get in your system before you can even do anything, and even at times remains after closing the browsers, and with a little research into your system you will see a certificate with an associated cookie that opens it’s own PORT 80 SERVER on your system.

    Recently Microsoft has begun using that company to distribute their updates, and ease the load on their servers, and even though it works, this company is far to evil to allow to continue through the abuse of their position.

    It is SOLELY that reason only the PORT 80 applications begin to slow fail, getting worse over time.

    Firefox being OPEN Source is just far more easily corrupted with malware, and the fact it has the second largest user group, with IE being the largest and at the same time the most secure by the efforts of MS, people more readily see FIREFOX as being “BUGGY”, when it is actually INVASIVE MALEWARE that runs out side of the browser but has HOOKS into it.

    I just wish people who are BLIND TO FACTS, would open their eyes and look at all the evidences.

    After all, what is the easiest fix? Close and disable PORT 80 PROTECTIONS!


    But is that an acceptable FIX?

    HELL NO… Go after those INDIVIDUALS involved with that discrete company…


    Look at the cookies you have, and the certificates, and if you can read, you’ll know the company name less than 5 minutes!!!

    Their WEBSITE is also easy to find out, but fails to provide any substantial information into their operations.

    A little searching through reputable information sources on the net will give you a wealth of information on them, such as company address, phone numbers, in several location around continental US, along with names of persons, and their contact information also.

    Go easy on them, after all they are only evil to the bone……….

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