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There can be few websites, few applications or nay other utility which you might use again and again while working on your system. Far any application you can go for creating their shortcuts by going to their context menu and then select the option under ‘Send To’, after creating the shortcuts for your application you can also put them on the taskbar toolbar as your taskbar shortcuts. But you might now have these options for a particular website like Facebook or GMail which you keep on visiting most of the times throughout the day.

The best which you can think of is creating the bookmarks in your browser, but I will be helping you with a tutorial with the help of which you will be easily able to create the shortcuts of the website son your desktop and can add them on your taskbar. Now before proceeding further I would suggest you that you should only create the desktop shortcuts for the website which visit most of the times, as if you started to create the shortcuts for which visit most of the times, as if you started to create the shortcuts for all the websites then it will make your desktop overpopulated and then this tutorial will not do any benefit.

Please follow the steps mentioned below. Go the desktop and then right click to reach the context menu of the desktop, click the shortcut option highlighted in the screenshot.


You will see a window as mentioned in the screenshot below. Now enter the link of the website which you to visit often and then click the next button.


Now you are supposed to give a name to the shortcuts icon. Here I have mentioned the link to Facebook, so I will put the name as Facebook.



That’s it, now click OK and the shortcut will be created on the desktop you can drag it and then add it on your Taskbar. Now through this method it will become quite easy for you to access any website you want. Please let us know if you face any issue while using this tutorial.


  1. Meena Bassem says

    the only one i have with this one is that …………..
    why don’t i just drag the favicon of the website from the browser to the desktop and you’re done?

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