Desktop Icons Invisible After Set Time Interval

If you are using the same computer for home as well as for the work purposes then sometimes it may happen that you may end up using cluttering your desktop with several icons. However sometimes some of us like me an if you are also of of them would like to hide all the desktop icons to get an uncluttered view as I don’t like a desktop with too many icons. But it would not be possible for you to delete them as they can be some important files or application that you need to access frequently. But now I have got a solution for you and me as well an application named DeskDuster. The application will hide all your desktop icons when the computer is idle is for some time which can be specified in the DeskDuster to give you an uncluttered view of the wallpaper on the desktop and increases the visual appeal for the user who like it this way.

This is the DeskDuster version 2.01.03, new features in this version are option of minimizing the active windows together with desktop icons, option of saving your settings so that when software starts next time you will not have to reconfigure it and detection of mouse scroll.

deskduster_free_20103 1

This is the menu that will open when you will right click on the DeskDuster option present in the system tray after downloading and installing the software. The various options present in the menu are Show desktop icons, Hide desktop icons, License, Disclaimers, About and Help. The software is really simple and easy to use. Show desktop icons option is used to automatically to show the desktop icons and Hide desktop icons is used to hide the desktop icons.

deskduster_free_20103 2

This is the window which will open when you will double click on the DeskDuster icon in the system tray and allow you to configure the options in the DeskDuster. The tool has a vertical slider to set the time in minutes after which the software will hide your desktop icons. There are three options in the bottom panel i.e. a progress bar to show the progress of the timer, a check box to specify whether or not to Minimize all the open desktop windows and applications and the last one is to Save actual settings option to save the settings that you have done so that you don’t have to do them the next time you launch this application.

Download DeskDuster.

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