Desktop Application To Upload & Tweet Pictures Directly Without Internet Browser – DesktopTweet

I love photo tweeting, so I have been searching for an application which could allow me to upload pictures directly to some pictures uploading and tweeting pictures on twitter, I goggled and found DesktopTweet – which is a free windows program which allows quickly take the snapshots of your computer screen and upload it and tweet it.

I figured out the way to tweet pictures with this free small program by opening the image in some image viewer and then took the snapshot of the pictures opened and then uploaded and tweeted the snaps of twitter.


After installation it will run showing a small tray icon in system tray in windows taskbar, you just need to right click and click Tweet Snapshot! and drag the snapshot frame over the image you want to tweet or the area on your computer screen. After you are done with the area selection double click the snapshot frame

After you double click the snapshot frame you will see a new window (as shown in the image below ) where you can select the image uploading site for the image and text you want to tweet with the image, and you can choose to upload the snapshot taken to the different image uploading sites including TwitPic, yfrog, Twitgoo, Pikchur, Posterous.


Click submit to start uploading the image and then if the image upload is successful it will show this message ( as shown in the image below )


Download DesktopTweet

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