Design Your Own Time Planner, Resource Utilization Schedule

Have you find yourself lost between many things when it comes to plan and manage the time and resources for the whole team. The reason here is to take care of the events, overlapping and availability all together it quite tough. You might think that Excel can help you to overcome the problem. But everytime a new template is a tedious task. Moreover when you can avail a freeware with a large number of user friendly options. Schedule It is a freeware which has been designed to take care of all the problems.

Schedule It is a free software of 3.81 MB which can be used to make the schedules, optimum utilization of resources and proper allotment of the rooms etc. The snapshot below displays the initial user interface from where you can start designing.


The boxes in the middle will display the finalized schedule. The tab in the bottom is for the priority setting of the events. There is the options for filters and search to make the task easier and faster. You can have the simple view as will be displayed later or the chart and list view are also available. The Zoom In and Zoom Out options can help you to have a clear picture of the scheduled data. It can be turned to daily, weekly, monthly or any time frame with these buttons.

Lets see how to use the software. Click on the Add Event button and the dialog box shown below will appear. Here you can add the event name, timing, notes and other related info. It is preferable to mention the priority to easily select if the event are collapsing. Also the reminder can be set. Further options be added as shown by the various tabs.


ThenĀ  we have an important option of Resources which can be added from the dialog box shown below. The general details, skills and attachments can be given to handle the resources in a systemized manner. Always remember to link the event and resources else they will not be displayed on the final schedule.


A sample displayed below shows you how the final schedule is presented. You can easily change the format, color and other specifications to have the display in the be possible way. These boxes of final events can be changed with the slider to adjust any further changes. So, now onwards you can easily make the schedules tension free.


The video displayed below will give you a clear understanding on how to use the software and its benefits.

Other Similar Free Time, Resource Planners

The other similar freewares that can be used for the purpose are MultiCalender, VueMinder Calendar, Desktop iCalendar Lite, iDailyDairy and many more. The purpose served by these softwares are different from each other. Multicalendar is almost similar to Schedule IT. It is available in different versions as per your requirement. The software can be used to schedule the time, appointments and contacts. It can be used for daily, weekly, monthly and other time based views.

Vueminder is a calender based application which will help to schedule and remind about your plans. It can be synchronized with Google Calender or Microsoft Outlook. Also, automated scheduled email, SMS and reminders can be used to delivered to your friends or colleagues on time.

iCalender Lite can be used to manage the To Do List and schedule the monthly calendar. iDailyDairy has been designed to manage the daily notes and add other time planners. It also provides the options of adding pictures and other options to add make it more user friendly. If you are looking for some particular options and requirements, please leave a comment. We will provide the best possible options. Schedule It has been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate veersion and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

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