Change The Way Windows PC Desktop Looks As Per Ease Of Use

The desktop with different wallpapers is more a choice now a days. Users prefer the desktop where they can organize and create it in their own style. Either they are the icons, shortcuts or any other utility they must be displayed in a particular style. Also the old format of logos is not liked. So, to customize the desktop as per your requirement we will present some wonderful utilities. Also they will help in the easy accessibility of frequently used applications. DesktopX is one of the very good options to design the desktop.

DesktopX is a freeware of 11.9MB. You can easily install the freeware and the user interface available to you is as shown in the snapshot below. This is a bit heavy tool for installation because of the large number of options available. It helps you to Load Widgets like To Do List, Photo Frames etc.,  Objects like MS Office, Mailbox etc and Desktop.


When you click on Load Widgets, a dialog box as shown in the snapshot below will appear. Click on load Widgets to select the desired widgets from the available list. There are few options related to the widgets. You can select the hotkeys like to show and hide the widgets and to keep the widgets at the top or bottom of the screen.


Similarly, you can load the objects as well. Click on the Load Object option. Select them from the available list. A customized desktop has been displayed in the snapshot below. Here are two widgets added To Do List and Word of the Day. Few widgets like word of the day automatically updates through internet. So, be careful while loading such options. There are two objects added mail and word. Also, you can see that the icon displayed for the options are better than the original ones.


Here is one of the widgets explained. You can mention the task, set the priority and make the changes whenever required. As you have seen that the freeware and all the options are very easy to use and self explanatory.


There are many other freewares available for desktop customization:

Similar Programs To Customize Windows PC Desktop Looks

  1. Windows Nexus Dock: The freeware has been designed to have one click access to frequently used documents, folders and applications. You can also view the active connections and bandwidth usage with Net Meter Module. You can also have the option of multiple mouse effect and multi monitor store. Effects in the icons, system tray icons, internet based apps like weather forecasting and many other options are available.
  2. Windows Xtreme: The freeware changes your desktop presentation by adding the widgets, reducing the clutter and removing unused items and customize the desktop in your own style. It also helps in customizing the taskbar. You can create and customize your menus by the built-in Menu Editor option. There are very good drag and drop options. Also, there are many special effects available for icons and others.

DesktopX has been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate version, though it has been designed for Windows XP, Vista and 2000 as well.


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