Deny, Approve or Manage WordPress Comments With Desktop Application – WP Comments Notifier

Moderating wordpress blog comments could be a pain when you are receiving so many of them in a day, I have been through this pain from a long time as I need to approve large number of comments on various blogs our blog network Technix Media

We just got to know about a new application called wp-comments notifier which allows you moderate the comments on your blog directly from desktop with its own application interface without requiring to open your blog in any Internet Browser. Once installed it will display a small icon in system tray to let you know if you have new comments under moderation, so that you can either approve, deny or edit comments under moderation.


It will notify you with new comments on your wordpress blog you configured, by showing notification in system tray as shown in the image below.


Below is the snapshot of the interface which allows you to moderate comments, you can approve, deny, reply, delete or mark a comment as spam.


Here is how you can edit a comment through this application on your wordpress blog, as shown in the image below.


This application is written in QT/C++ that alerts you when new comments are posted on your WordPress blog and it works well with WordPress MU too, In short this is a simple application which allows you to manage/reply/edit your comments directly from your desktop. :)

Download WP Comments Notifier | Similar ApplicationModerator

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