Deny Access To Your Files or Folders With FileSecrets

Some times you may want to deny access to certain files and folders on your which you don’t want other users to access and open. FileSecrets is a free to use software which allows you simple but effective tool for protecting your files from any unauthorized access. This will restrict the specified file or folder from any access, from any user or application. For example, if a user tries to access your file from Windows Explorer, the user will receive the below error


The specific file or folder will remain locked until you remove it from FileSecrets program, when you deny access to a particular file then any user who try to access the locked file will face the following error.

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Here is how to a file or folder with FileSecrets


You can even set a password to access a file or folder so that the user who enters the right password can access that file or folder you locked with this application.


This application integrates itself in windows explorer, so that you can enable or disable the protection over any file or folder just by right clicking on the file and select disable / enable protection to allow or deny access. In all this is a really nice tool which seems to work with all the versions of windows, including windows 7.

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