Delete Virus Autorun.inf File On USB Flash Pen Drive Automatically When You Plug It To Computer

As you know Autorun.inf is a very dangerous virus for our computers, which normally gets into our computers by the infected USB drives or the external hard drives. In order to deal with this virus I have got an application named, Autorun Eater for you. The application automatically removes Autorun.Inf before the user accesses the drive.

Autorun Eater 1

When we download and install the application, we get an option to select the language in between the installation. We should select any desired language that we want.

Autorun Eater 2

After the software is installed we will be able to see an icon of Autorun Eater in the system tray. When we right click on it it will give us the following options like About,visit the Farm, Donate , Help,Registry Fix, Scan Drive A:, Scan Drive B:, Pause/Unpause, Remove Ignore, Remove Ignore For All, Priority, Removal Method, Close Autoplay, Splash Image, Startup/Exit Sound, Detection Sound, GUI Tips.

Autorun Eater 3

The Registry Fix option has three sub options Fix Task Manager, Fix RegEdit and Fix Folder Options. All these repairs can be done in case of any damage caused by the virus. Then you have options to scan Drive A: and Drive B: . After that you have an option of Remove Ignore to select the Autorun.inf that is not harm full to the system so that it can be ignored and the proper functioning of all applications may continue. Remove Ignore For All will ignore all the Autorun.inf  files that you selected.

`Autorun Eater 4

The priority can be decided for a particular application as Normal or High. By default it is Normal.

Autorun Eater 5

You can also specify the removal method of the virus Autorun.inf from the two choices that you have i.e. Ask for Confirmation, Auto-Remove. By default it is Ask For Confirmation.

Autorun Eater 6

You have an option to monitor the USB and the External drives that will plugged into the computer which can be either Enabled or disable . By default it is Enabled.

Autorun Eater 7

You also have the option of Splash Image with this software. Which can be either enabled or disabled. By default it is Enabled.

Autorun Eater 8

Startup Sound can be either On or Off. By default it’s off.

Autorun Eater 9

The detection sound when the Virus is detected in your computer can also be enable or disabled. By default its On.

Autorun Eater 10


The GUI Tips can be either Enabled and Disabled. By default its Enabled . You have the option to start the tool at system startup which can be set as per our requirements.

Autorun virus can also be removed by using No Autorun and Autorun Kicker.

Download Autorun Eater.

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