Delete .SVN Files In SVN Repositories With SVN Cleaner

For all people who use svn repositories may see many *.svn files in the svn repository folders which are not the repository files. These extra files can be really an annoyance for some people, as I don’t want to see these useless files in my svn repository folder. We had previously written about another tool .Svn Folder Remover which lets you remove .svn files.

Today we will tell you about another software which lets you clear a directory of all *.svn files. This will add a context menu in windows explorer right click menu, so when you right click after selecting a svn folder it will show you the option to clear .svn file in the right context menu. [ as shown in the image below ]


This simple tool is called SVN Cleaner, It supports all the operating system from windows xp to windows 7 till now, we have successfully tested this tool on windows 7 it worked perfectly fine.

Download SVN Cleaner

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