Delete Software Files Which Makes Windows Load and Work Slow

Sometimes you might even not know about the number of unwanted files that are created during some installation or some other process done by you in your computer. These unnecessary and temporary files consume lot of space on the hard-disk and they must be deleted. Although, there are number of utilities or tools such as CCleaner, CleanMyPC, etc, are available over the web which are used to get rid of these unnecessary and temporary files from your computer but today we are discussing one of the similar utility which is similar in its motive but still has several distinct features which makes it a special utility as compare to others of its kind.

DrivePurge is basically a simple, easy to use, useful and a freely available portable system cleaner which allows the user to remove unnecessary files and user tracks of more than 750 applications/system components and remove invalid registry entries which helps in making the system lighter and faster. As said it has several distinct features among which one is that this utility i.e. DrivePurge labels all the items in simplified categories which makes it easy to identify junk and potentially useful files at a glance, thus saving lot of time for the user. As an example, we can understand it as that it allows adding files such as .BAK, .OLD and other backup files to exception list in order to exclude them from file cleaning process.


This small utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below at the end of this article. After installing it in your computer, you may observe that the system cleanup tab which is available on the interface, provides you a complete list of all the items which can be removed from the C Drive, whereas, on the other hand the other tab, i.e. the Drive Cleanup tab allows selecting one or more partitions for analyzing and removing junk files in order to clean the system. Among some of the other features, it also has the trace erasing features which are present under User Tracks Cleanup section and can be used by the user. One of the other tab known as the Report tab provides you with a complete log of the cleanup job upon completion, so that you may know which all files have been deleted during the process.


Along with all the features mentioned above, it also has the ability to clear user tracking information from Windows Explorer, web browsers, or the applications along with other system components. This cleanup ensures that your activity traces are removed from your browser’s temporary directories as well as other system areas which are often ignored by trace erasing tools, but are considered during the cleanup process of this utility.

So, as said it is very easy to use and after selecting all the file types which you want to remove, you just need to click on Cleanup to flush out your system. The Report tab provides a complete overview of the cleaning process and it allows the user to view the items that have been deleted or blocked from deletion by the operating system during the cleaning process. So, overall we may say that it is a very useful utility as compared to other utilities of its kind. DrivePurge works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download DrivePurge

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