Delete, Remove Older Files After Some Days

We have habit of accumulating the data and when we are out of our hardisk capacity then we start deleting the useless data from out system. Now this useless data generally consists of all the files folders image and videos which are quite old and we forgot to delete them. So, instead of doing that cleaning up everyday we prefer to do it on a single day. Today i will be reviewing a tool which is knows as autodelete and it will help you to do that daily task automatically.

This tool will monitor certain location of your system and it will delete all the files which are older that a certain date. The location which is to be monitored and the time period will be set by the user and then you can very well image by its name that it will delete the files automatically.


After having a glance at the snapshot of the application window you can see that what are the options which this tool has. Initially you are supposed to select the location which is to monitored, i will just you to select the location where temporary folders and files are saved as we seldom open them, so it will be better if this tool monitors that location. Now you must have noticed that the option named as ‘Start up with Windows’ has already been enabled. So, as soon as your system starts this tool will automatically monitor all the files in the folder and then it will take appropriate actions as per your convenience.

After you select the location you can decide the grace period for all the files to remain in that folder, so as soon as a file exceeds that date or time period then it will be deleted by that tool and if you want that any of your files of folders should not be deleted then you can select he file or folders which will be ignored by that tool. Now either you can delete those files, move those files, keep those files secured and many other operations which are written at the bottom of the application window.

The sixe of this tool is very small, which is around 2 Mbs and it will take no time to get installed. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download AutoDelete

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