Delete, Remove Google Profile, Buzz Permanently From Your Google Account

Google has recently rolled out some new changes in google profiles which make them more dynamic, with photos and updates from google buzz all this comes with a great new design which looks cool, but also looks it is inspired from facebook.

Just in case, if you don’t like google profiles and would like to delete your google profile and all buzz updates, this way you can remove your google profile completely and will also delete all the buzz posts. 

Follow the procedure to know how to delete google profile and all google buzz posts.

Please Note: Once you delete your google profile, you will delete all your google buzz posts and will automatically un follow all the people you were following on google buzz.

1. Go to google profile page here

2. Click view my profile button as shown image below.


3. Click Edit Profile button as shown in the image below.


4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to locate the link to delete google buzz profile as shown in the image below.

3-5-2011 3-12-33 PM

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