Delete / Remove Empty Folders On Windows With JoseDelEmpty

JoseDelEmpty is a free to use tool which lets you remove empty directories or folders from your PC to save disk space and delete all the junk folders lying on your hard drive. Many times there are large number of useless folders which do not contain any file in your document folder but this program solves this problem by removing all of them.


Note: Don’t worry it wont erase any that contains files. Enjoy it.

After traversing through all the folder on the path you had specified it will give you a prompt which tells you how many folders are traversed and how many of them are deleted. [ As shown in the image below ]


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Download JoseDelEmpty tool to delete empty directories 


  1. Aegis1 says

    oops on this 1, after a run & remove thru a spare vista HP system, a reboot would not reboot!
    uh-huh, did I forget to tell it to stay outta windows or what !!
    well, after a few hours of groaning at me the ole HP finally decided it had repaired all it could, would I just please roll it back…was the next prompt..and yes that succeeded & I thought I’d stop by and give someone a chuckle…

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