Delete, Remove A Foursquare Venue Or Tip

There are times when you may want to delete a foursquare venue or tip which you have added to your system, by default if you use the foursquare app on your phone like the official app allows you tp mark a venue as closed or non operational this way the foursquare automatically removes it from their database.


Another way to delete a venue or tip from the system can be done done from foursquare web interface where you will be required to login with your foursquare username and password, following the procedure to remove a venue or tip entered by you.

Delete A Foursquare Venue

If you would like to delete a venue you’ve created, go to its venue page at, click "edit venue" (located below the address), and then click the trash can to remove the venue from our database. If you see a venue that is no longer in operation, you should mark it closed.

If you see a venue that is a duplicate of another, please use the suggest merge feature (if you’re a superuser, click the Edit Venue link across the top of the venue page, submit the duplicate’s venue ID) or flag the venue as a duplicate in the app.

Delete A Foursquare Tip

If you added a tip to a venue that you’d like to remove, go to your foursquare profile page (go to and then click on ME in the upper left hand corner of the navigation bar). You’ll see the top 12 tips you’ve left – just mouse over the one you’d like to remove and click the “X”.

Please note: you can only view tips in the city where you are located at the time, so if you’re looking for a tip you left in another city, change your location by clicking on the city name in the upper right corner, enter the city you want to move to, and click enter.

You can also check out the extensive guide here on how to find and delete a foursquare venue. 

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