Delete Opened Outlook Attachments In Windows

Email services has become one of the most important part of day-to-day life of every user who uses internet and the computer system in one way or the another. Although, at present there are number of desktop email clients which are used for email services but out of those Outlook 2010 which is basically a Microsoft product, is one of the most popular and the most commonly used desktop client for this service. Its popularity is due to the number of advanced features that it has as compared with other tools of its kind.

As we might have seen in this client that when a new email with an attachment is received, the user can actually double click on the attachment and it can be then viewed even without having to download or save it to any location. Actually what happens is that whenever the attachment is opened in this way, the copy of that attachment is saved automatically to the temp folder present in the system. It happens so quickly that user thinks that it has been opened directly from the mail itself but in actual all the files opened in this way will remain in the temp folder as they are not deleted.


Now it becomes very essential to clean up this temp folder as it consumes lot of space in the system as those files are sometimes heavy enough. So, for this we introduce a new tool named as Outlook Attachment Cleanup which is basically a small, portable and a freeware tool which allows the users to remove these files by deleting these attachments from temp folders. For using this utility, you can download it from the below given link and after installing it you may simply launch it. After this, it will automatically start scanning all the registry entries from the system, and then it will find all the files related as Outlook attachments, and then finally it will show them as a list for you in the main window. Now you have to choices for removing them. Either, you can remove them by deleting the selected files or you may also remove all the files in one go.

As said earlier this application is available as a complete freeware , and can be used without any problem on any of the Windows OS. As mentioned earlier, you require only few clicks to complete swipe out the attachments from the temp file. It is very easy and along with being useful to deal with the situation described above, it also allows the user to keep local copies of any protected documents attached as attachments to e-mail.

Download Outlook Attachment Cleaner

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