Delete Multiple Files and Folders From Multiple Locations Automatically

It is very important to have a regular cleanup of your PC by deleting all the unwanted files from the system which are consuming space. Earlier also we have told the importance of this fact and we have already discussed various utilities and tools which can be used for this purpose. Today, we are going to discuss one similar utility which can be used to remove or delete the files from your system and that all in one batch.

Deletist is basically a small, easy to use, useful and a freely available utility which offers a very simple way for its users to delete files/folder in bulk. As already mentioned, the main idea behind it and the main motive of this utility is to perform deletion of hundreds or thousands of files in one-go. You may experience the drag & drop behavior of the utility, and may feel that how it let you specify a text file carrying all the file/folder paths which are to be removed and then rest is handled by the utility itself.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below and can be easily installed in few simple steps. After launching it, you may begin with deleting files, and for that you need to create a text document carrying folders/files path, as already mentioned. After providing all the paths in a single text file, you just need to drag that particular text file over its main interface. You may observe that it will automatically list down all the paths of applications, files, and folders that are specified in text file and will make them ready for deletion. After this, you just need to click on Delete files button provided at the bottom right of the interface which will start the process of removing the files/folders instantly.

Along with the above mentioned features you may observe the triangular imaged button which is provided for deleting all the empty rows in the text document which may prove to be an additional feature for its users. One of the other significant features is of making use of clipboard items, by which we mean that you can also copy the file/folder path and paste into the application (Ctrl + V) to populate the list which you want to delete. One thing which must be noted here is that this utility will move the files to recycle bin and if you want to delete the file/folder permanently, then you need to enable the Delete to recycle bin option.

So, overall we can say that it is a very useful application as it provides a convenient way of removing files and folders. So just download it from the link given below, and try it out on your own to explore its features.

Download Deletist

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