Delete Multiple Direct Messages In Your Twitter Account With Twitter DM Deleter

Twitter is such amazing web service which seems to be the getting a great amount of attention these days from everywhere, but twitter does not gives the functionality which allows you to delete twitter direct messages in bulk. There may be large number of direct messages in your account which are spam and you would definitely want to get rid of them in an easy way.


There are two free tools which can help to delete direct messages in your twitter account, lets discuss both of them one by one.

1. DM Whacker BookmarkletIt is a JavaScript bookmark which lets you remove all the clutter from your twitter account by deleting all the direct messages, it also allows you to delete all your DMs or DMs from selected usernames you have received, you can delete DMs from inbox as well as from  sent items. 

Please Note: – This tool is still in beta so it might pose some problems for you while deleting the DMs from your twitter account, in such a case we suggest you to refresh the page which list out all the direct messages in your account.

2. Twitter DM Deleter – It is portable tool which lets you delete your twitter direct messages as per your selection, you can select to delete one or more direct messages with utility to delete from your twitter account, you can delete direct messages both sent and received. In order to use this tool you just need to download, unzip and provide the right twitter account credentials to login with the utility and it will display all the direct messages.  [ as shown in the snapshot below ]


Download Twitter DM Deleter [ Direct Link ] 


  1. Sunil Manheri says

    I had hundreds of messages in my inbox, just wanted to remove all. Got a tool named TweetTwain, now my inbox is clean. Every 2 weeks I use this tool for cleanup :)

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