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Internet Explorer (IE) as you all must be knowing, stores cookies in different files and names on number of locations of your computer. These cookies are pieces of text stored by IE on your system and they are generally used for authentications, storing site preferences, storing text information etc. Each cookie which are stored has its life duration which could be ranging between second to even years.

The modern Web Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc. have inbuilt feature to automatically remove cookies when they gets expired but unfortunately, IE doesn’t removes expired cookies and even will never use them. So these expired junk cookies just acquires space of your hard drive and degrades the performance of your system. There number could be in several hundreds to even several thousands.

So to get rid of all the expired cookies stored by IE, you can simply use a tool named Expired Cookies Cleaner (ECC). As the name suggests, it is a freeware which can remove all expired cookies from your system and too with just one click. Hence it will remove all the junk cookies files and will boost up the performance of your system.

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It is a very nifty application and even requires no installation. It has a very simple graphical interface and even is very simple to use. As you can see above, there are only two options available on the main screen i.e Process and Exit. Click on Process to start this tool for scanning all the expired cookies on your system.

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It takes a fraction of second to detect all expired cookies and once it complete scan, it will show the complete log information in the main window itself. I have recently installed my Windows so it is not showing any expired cookies on my computer, but it will definitely show lots of files in your system if you are using it from a longer duration.

You can also use Expired Cookies Cleaner from the command line without GUI. In this case, program saves all output in the log file. All you need to do is just fire a command in the run from the start menu. The command is as follows.

C:\>ExpiredCookiesCleaner.exe a FileName

“a” is the command line parameter. When you fire the above command, the program will automatically remove all the expired cookies without displaying any graphical content and then will save the output in the file FileName. If you don’t specify any file name then the output will be by default saved in And if you don’t want this tool to save output file, then just use “nul” instead of FileName.

The size of Expired Cookies Cleaner is just 26.8 Kb and you can run it directly from its exe file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and all the editions of IE 4 and higher and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 ultimate-32 bit edition with IE 9.

Download Expired Cookies Cleaner

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