Delete Files Permanently So They Can’t Be Recovered Back

While working, we do deal with sensitive files that are confidential or very important and have to be kept away from the reach of others. Usually, most of us delete these kind of files or folders using ‘shift + delete’ and think that they are deleted permanently. But the fact is that there are many freewares like Filewing, Recuva, NTFS Undelete, 3 ways to recover accidently deleted files, EASEUS Data Recovery available by which they can be restored easily even after deleted from the recycle bin.

Though there are many tools available which allows secure deletion of files but needs installation so, mostly suitable for home or private computers. But in the case when we have to access private files on public computers, its not always possible to carry installers of those utilities. In these cases, we need portable and quick solutions. So, considering this, there is a freeware called RightDelete for such jobs.

RightDelete is a smart windows application that can be used to trash sensitive files or folders permanently and securely in just a few seconds. The tool is compatible with windows 7, vista, xp and 2000. The tool is portable and needs no installation. When you will run it, it will ask to update these 3 things. You just have to click ‘update’ and a desktop icon will be created.


The tool is easy to use and can be integrated to windows context menu. For deleting any file or folder permanently, just right-click on the file or folder, and select ‘Securely delete this folder’ option and its done.


You can also drag and drop the files which you want to delete directly to its desktop icon. Then, it will show this message. You have to select ‘Go’ if you really want that file to be deleted permanently.


With just context menu integration, it allows deletion of single files or folders only. But if you want to delete multiple files and folders then, select the files and use  ‘Secure File Deletion’ in the ‘sent to’ option of the right-click menu.


RightDelete is an excellent and compact tool which is a must have tool for the people who uses public computers frequently for accessing their important files.

Download RightDelete

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