Delete Files With Particular Text Contained In Them

Today i will be reviewing a tool which will help you to delete the files on the basis of the text written in the text file which has been selected by that tool and the name of this fabulous tool is Deletist. For a long time i was searching a tool which can help me to take some less time while deleting the files which are placed in the haphazard manner on your system.

This tool will make use of only those text file in which the address path to the file are already written in it. You may create your own text file by writing the address path of the files in it and it will save your time as you will not have to run on each page again and again or you may include any text files which are downloaded along with the freewares.

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Initially i tried to use on a text file named as ‘changelog’, and the results can be seen in the snapshot shown above. When you will start using this tool it will open a window in which it will ask you to select any text file from which you want this tool to read the content and then it will select the all the possible resources which are supposed to be deleted.

All the instructions will be enlisted in the application window with different signs, like every item will be enlisted with the exclamation mark and then if you want to remove any enlisted file then just press delete by clicking on that file specification, it will be deleted from the list. Now after finalizing the list press the delete option present in the bottom of the application window. If a file has been completely deleted then it will be presented by a Green colored check sign in front of it and if any of them has not been deleted then you can see them marked by red colored tick mark and their status will be marked by ‘error occurred’.

The size of this tool is astonishingly very small, i.e. around 400 Kbs and then the best part is you will not hesitate to use this tool on any other system as it portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been check on Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I hope that it will be useful to you

Download Deletist

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