Delete Extra Duplicate Copies Of Music .mp3 Files

You might find it annoying that whenever you get the music files of any movie or album or any collection of songs, there might be the repetition or duplicates in every folder. So when you have to play them either you need to select out of the list, or every time updating the collection you delete the duplicate ones. This seems to be time taking if done manually. The solution to this problem is the freeware – Duplicate Music Files Finder. It is available in the small size of 909 kb. There is a large variety of versions according to the developing technologies. The latest version can be easily downloaded and installed.


The above snapshot shows the functions available in this software. It can find the duplicate files based on various factors. The comparison mode can be file name, file size, CRC Matches or the advanced file matching. After the selection of the comparison mode, you can select the folder through the Add Folder button. Now, select the folders through the Select Directory in which the duplicated music files are to be searched as shown below.


It can search for the duplicates from various folders simultaneously. Just it is very simple and time efficient. Add all the folders required to be searched, and then click the Start Search button. All the duplicate files will be displayed as shown in the snapshot below.


Now another advantage is you can delete the files as per your choice. The left side shows the first file and the right side gives their duplicates. If you want to delete all the duplicates, click Check All or you can also check the files as per your choice. Then delete checked files. The whole process can be carried out in just few seconds. Also the options button can be used for the specific type of search or the actions to be taken while search and deletion.

This software not only helps you to find the duplicate files but also you can rename the music files or file tags. It can be done as shown in the snapshot below. Load the folder and select the files which are to be renamed.


Both the old names and their corresponding new names will be displayed. Similarly, for renaming the files tags, it will show the file name, old tag and the new tag, so that selection can be easily done.

This tool has been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit, Ultimate edition.

Download Duplicate Music File Finder

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