Delete, Clean Useless Junk, Temp, Log Files on Mac OS X

We’ve seen before that the application uninstall process on Mac OS X is anything but clean. Dragging an application to trash may remove the app, but not related settings and data files. Even using programs such as TrashMe, some small plist files or other settings files may linger on after you’ve uninstalled an application.

Apart from these files, over time, small files are bound to clutter up in your hard drive, consisting of older versions of files, backups, or stuff that you just don’t need anymore.

Purity is an app for OS X that systematically and categorically removes all of these files for you to make your system faster and free up some space on your hard drive.

Purity is different from generic clean up apps in the fact that it does not do any kind of pattern search or system-wide analysis for clean up of junk files. Instead, it uses a list of some common/popular apps for OS X that are known to leave files behind when they are deleted, or apps such as web browsers, for which you might want to delete settings/history related files.

Usage of Purity is pretty simple. Purity has various sections relating to different categories of apps. Under each category, Purity lists info about the kind/purpose of files that are left behind by a particular app. If you want to remove those files, simply tick the checkbox next to it. In the end, when you are done checking all the desired options, just visit the ‘Begin Jobs’ tab, and click the ‘Remove Selected Files’ button. That’s pretty much it.

Purity is available for OS X 10.4+.

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