Delete Browsing History, Cookies, Cache And Session [For IE, Chrome, Firefox & Opera]

We use internet for many personal purposes. And we don’t want that anyone can keep a track of what we are doing. Because you might be working of a secret project or some highly secured areas. So, we think that we can delete the history and the problem will be solved. But it includes some problems. We have to manually delete the history from different browsers separately. It makes the process a bit tedious. To solve the problem, I would like to review a tool called Browser Cleaner. It is used to delete all the history from different browsers simultaneously.

Browses Cleaner is a small freeware of 778 KB only. It is a  portable tool. The freeware is user friendly and the few clicks will be sufficient to complete the process. The user interface has been displayed in the snapshot below. It clearly shows that you can delete the history of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Avant Browser, Adobe Flash Player and Java Runtime Environment. The huge list makes the freeware very efficient.


Every browser has its own set of options depending upon how you want to delete the history. For example, the google chrome options are shown in the snapshot below. The options include Google Chrome Cache, Cookies, History, Sessions, Password, and Download History. Similarly there are options available for all the browsers. The options are very helpful when you have to delete certain things from one browser but not from the other. Please make sure that you check all the options before clearing the history. By default, all the options are check marked. So, you have to be careful, otherwise some of the important information may be lost.


Also, you have a settings tab which is combine for all the browsers. The settings are related to the load at the windows startup, to hide the window. You will be notified when the process will be complete. It can be done in two ways: with a beep sound and also a message box will pop up. You can select the settings as per your convenience.


So, now you can easily clear all the history from different browsers with one tool. The process becomes really very easy and comfortable for the user. The users working on any project etc. which they don’t want to share with their others must try this freeware. The freeware will be though beneficial for all.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and will be compatible with all the other versions also.

Download Browser Cleaner

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