Delete Android Phone History, Log, Old SMS To Free Space & Make It Faster

If you own a smart phone such as an Android one, you might be impressed too much by the level of functionality and features it offers but there is a downside to it as well. You need to understand that a smart phone is basically a smaller and less powerful version of your laptop or desktop and hence it functions in a similar manner as your computer does.

By this I mean that you have to install applications like you install software on your computer. Customizing your homescreen ,adding widgets and creating shortcuts on the homescreen resemble the typical desktop of our computer to an appreciable extent.

Customizing or adding applications or running them is certainly not a problem and infact it is necessary but the only problem is the cache piles up in the system eventually slowing down your phone or computer. The browsing history of the internet browser, the download history, the call logs including outgoing,incoming and missed, the sms and message log etc, all contribute to the process of slowing down your device if not cleaned timely.

So how to clean it? Is there an easy way to do it? History Cleaner Pro is a great application which comes in a paid and free version available on the Android Market. The application gives you the power to delete almost everything that possibly slows down your phone.

History Cleaner ProHistory Cleaner Pro1

Its so easy to use and has a very simple interface which doesn’t need much understanding. It enlists Apps cache, browser history,frequently ,missed ,received, incoming and outgoing call logs. Apart from this  it also lets you delete all types of message whether sms or mms, received or sent. Google Search history, android market search history, clipboard content can also be removed completely through this app.

History Cleaner Pro2History Cleaner Pro3

You can mark each option separately or mark all at once by checking on the box next to Clean Selected button. The settings window provides you with another set of useful features like Autorun at startup option, automatically cleaning your previously selected logs when the screen is off. From the options menu one can also delete all the messages by a single tap.

Undoubtedly the application is a must have one for your android phone and to download it follow the link below.

Download History Cleaner Pro Paid App – [Android Market]

Download History Cleaner Free App – [Android Market]

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