Define Keyboard Shortcut In Mac OS To Show Desktop

I am a Windows lover, so since the time I started using mac os I missed some great features and keyboard shortcut of windows in mac os, one of these features I used to miss was show desktop in windows which was not there in mac os. After some time I found out a free application which provided the show desktop feature in mac os too, but it does not work with a keyboard shortcut, in order to show desktop in mac os with this tool I need to click the program icon I placed in dock bar in mac os.

After googling I came to know about another program called QuickSilver which allow you to set custom keyboard shortcuts to run applications and programs on your mac, with the help of this program I configured the show desktop keyboard shortcut key for mac os

Here is the step by step procedure to set custom keyboard shortcut show desktop in mac os

1. Firstly Download Show Desktop For mac os from here and install it, then place the icon in your dock bar [ recommended ]

Picture 2.png

2. Now download another free utility for mac os called QuickSilver from here, install it and then place the icon in dock bar [ recommended ]

3. Run QuickSilver and then go to Preferences as shown in the image below

Picture 1

4. Now click the triggers section in quicksilver preferences

Picture 3.png

5. click the + sign in the bottom center of the application and select new hotkey, you will see a new entry under custom triggers after this double click to modify this trigger.

Picture 4.png

Now set a keyboard shortcut for this trigger.

Picture 1.png

close the above windows and then press command + x key to show desktop in mac os :) and so that it should work every time in your mac os, right click on the dock icon of show desktop and quick silver and set then both to open at login in mac os

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