Deface Websense and Other Web-Filtering Softwares To Access Blocked Websites In Office, College or School

Its been so long time now, since when I had written about how to access blocked sites in your college, school and offices. Ultrasurf and JAP are some of the tools I had written about in the past on this blog. Today one of my friend Nirmal TV was not able to access some blocked sites in office as they were blocked, his office has one of the most strongest web filtering tool called Websense.


But as we know nothing is impossible, so today for our readers interest and Nirmal we tell you about an elaborative procedure on how can you beat websense or any other web filtering software and how to access blocked websites from anywhere.

What is Websense ?

Websense filtering software is generally installed to ensure employees and students are productive. Internet access at work or school is a privilege, so extensive use of proxy servers is not recommended.

Here is how you can use your college, school or work environment computer to access the blocked websites

Method 1: Through some web proxies available on the following URLs, and 

1. Open from where [ office, school or college ]  you want to access web filtered content – that is blocked websites.

Note: But This URL may not open in your browser if your institution has updated Websense as the web filter list is been constantly being updated by the network administrators, it will not open as this link has been already flagged in websense filter list.

2. But if the above websites gets opened, then copy and paste the URL of a web site blocked by Websense into either the PHProxy or CGIProxy boxes and select your options and Click "Go." The blocked website will open up. :)

Method 2: Involves the installation of Circumventor Program

What is Circumventor Program and its purpose ? 

You don’t actually install the Circumventor on the computer that is blocked from accessing Web sites. You, or a friend of yours, has to install the Circumventor on some other machine which is not censored so that you can connect to that machine from your computer

How To Install the Circumventor Program

  1. Download ActivePerl from this link and install it. It must be installed to C:\Perl (this should be the default). Accept all of the default options.
  2. Download OpenSA 2.0.2 beta from this link (FireFox users — please right-click and pick "Save Link As") and install it. Accept all of the default options. (If you get to a screen titled "Server Information" and it doesn’t have values filled in for "Network Domain", "Server Name" and "Administrator’s Email Address", just fill in these boxes with made-up random values — the Circumventor doesn’t use them.)
  3. Download the circumventor-setup.exe program from this link and pick "Save" — then once you have saved it on your computer, run the circumventor-setup.exe file that you saved.

If the circumventor-setup.exe program succeeds, it will display an "It’s ready!" page at the end of the install. If it fails, it will create a file circumventor-setup-log.txt — send that file to and they will try to figure out what went wrong.

Note: Circumventor will only work as long as you have your machine turned on and connected to the Internet, By installing this software, you will be joining an interconnected Web of Circumventor machines, so just as you can surf the Web via other people’s machines, at times other users will be surfing the Web through your machine. However, they will not have access to any files or programs on your machine.

It will produce a URL to access computer where you have installed Circumventor Program, Write down the URL or email it to yourself such that you can access that tool from work, school or college. Before you leave for work, school or college, you will need to make sure the Circumventor computer is running on your computer where you installed it. You can read some more proxy tips we have written before


  1. Pranesh says

    You r amazing abhishek .. Actually i subscribed ur techniques and daily i’m gettting it, it’s really useful for us.. i just want to know that how u r getting these techniques?

  2. nigelBB says

    Hello mr Abhishek, i have succesfully set up the circumventor. And am now using my home computer through my office computer. In my office they have Websense, which is a pain to deal with.. Anyways is there a way to view videos on websites such as youtube etc.
    Or let’s say the Poker function on Facebook would be nice.

  3. farhana says

    abhishek (u know tats a name of a famous actor in india) how do u connect ur computer to the other machine tat has installed circumventor?
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!

  4. Mahesh says

    Download ActivePerl from this link and install it.

    this link is not working can you check once.

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