Decrease Video Resolution, File Size But Retaining Video Quality

Videos and photos have definitely become some of the major sources of entertainment and are very commonly shared on the web. Different websites and especially some of the social networking websites allow the users to upload and share their photos and videos with friends and relatives. But, while sharing one thing that is needed and must be kept in mind that the size of these videos must not be too large. If they are too big, then it becomes very difficult to upload them and thus before uploading the size must be reduced. In one of the other scenario also, where you have a limited space in your hard-disk and you observe that a video is consuming more than the desired hard disk space. Then, in such situations you may look out for a quick way to resize the video dimensions and to reduce the size of the video file e.g. from 1GB to 250MB.

So, one of the utilities which is available on the web and can be used for such scenarios is Moo0 VideoMinimizer. It is basically a small, useful and freely available video resizing application which provides lot of major functionalities. One, it allows you to change the display size of the video i.e. basically the picture size of video, and also the file size. Along with the size reduction, there is an option by which the video quality can also be switched between Best, High and Normal modes. Moo0 VideoMinimizer is really a helpful utility as compared to some of the other tools available of its kind, but still it lacks in some of its functionalities as it does not perform both kinds of resize changes simultaneously, so you will have to either select the Image Size or File Size option. So, in case you want to change the file size, make sure you specify a maximum size limit.


So, if you want to try it out, you may download it from the link given below and after installing it you may observe some of the other functionalities of this tool. One of the option savailable with this utility is the Image Size change option which offers a number of different kind of settings to change the video image size. For this, you firstly need to select the custom width and height or simply select the preset from the Width x Height drop down menu available on the interface. One of the other things is that you can also enable the test Convert option to test and convert only a small part of the video in order to preview the result before starting the conversion process for the complete video.

So, in this way as soon as you have set all the required parameters, then you may simply drag a video to specified drop box in order to begin the conversion process. Although, you may reduce the size of the file to a great extent but still, it’s advisable that the size of a video mustn’t be reduced too much otherwise it may lead to quality degradation.

Download Moo0 VideoMinimizer

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