Decrease Size, Resize Windows Exceeding Your Monitor Display

Many-a-times, we have to use multiple windows at the same time. Now, to adjust the size every time we have to use several windows makes the task tedious. So, the better option will be if we can define the specific size and select it whenever required. To apply such functionality, I would like to review the tool Sizer. Sizer will help you to resize the windows very easily. It also enables you to resize the window with fixed size.

Sizer is a very small freeware of 153 KB. So, you can download and install it very fast. It will take a small space in your system and make your task very easy. The sizer will be present on your system tray whenever you choose to use it.


As shown in the snapshot above, there are three sizes present along with the tool by default. You can select the size by the right click on the system tray icon. You can also do that also do this with the help of title bar or maximize button on the window itself.

  • Title Bar: Right click on title bar, go to Resize/ reposition and select the size.


  • Maximize Button: Right click on the maximize button and select the select the size.

Program Manager_2010-10-03_16-17-46

You can also determine any other size of your choice. Right click on the icon present in the system tray. Select the option ‘Configure Sizer’. A Sizer Configuration window as shown in the snapshot below will help you in the configuration.

Sizer Configuration_2010-10-03_16-33-52

Click on Add. A size will be added in the menu configuration. Now, you can change the description, width and height as per your requirement. This size will be saved for the future use. You can also delete any of the existing size. The configuration window also supports you to reposition the window when you resize it. There are many options available where to reposition it. As shown below, the Move to option will support the feature.

Sizer Configuration_2010-10-03_16-25-05

There are some other options also in the bottom right side. They will help to set the pixels when resizing, select tooltips, show icon in system tray and add sizer items.

You can go through the video shown below to understand the working of the tool.

The tool proves to be useful at the time of taking snapshots, web page designing, multitasking and many more. Moreover, the easy accessibility of the tool makes it more efficient.

The tool has been tested with the 32 bit Windows 7 operating system, so it will be compatible with the other versions also.

Download Sizer

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