Decrease Size Of Video File & Create a Audio File From Video With VidSpitter

If you have got a movie with a video of Good resolution and you want to share it with our friend because it has got a great song, then you cannot help it as you will have to share the whole movie, now if you think of going for any good freeware to split that movie then, that tool will surely consume lots of time and then if you again want to reduce the size of that part of the video, then you will use another tool which will again take some time. But now with the help of a freeware named as Vidsplitter you can all the steps in a single go. In this post we will get in more details.


In the screenshot of this tool mentioned above you can see that this tool will compress the video file in two different formats, one of them will be the video format and the other one id the audio format. You can adjust the settings for both of them separately. You can select the size of the output of the video as per the storage device in which you are going to put that. Once you select the input video file then you will have to play it and then select the region which you want to split from the original video.

Once you perform all the settings for the compression and select the part of the video which will be split, you can select the output folder for the output file. After making all the selections, click the Start button, it will take very less time perform all the tasks and then you will see the output file in the directory. The size of this file is around 11 MB and it will work with a greater speed as compared to the other tools used for the same purpose.

The link to this tool has been mentioned at the bottom of the post, as this tool has been tested on the latest version of the Windows i.e. Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate, so you can expect it to run on all the version of Windows. Please do put your comments of you face any issue while using this tool.

Download Vidsplitter

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