Increase Websites Default Font Size In Google Chrome

So many users who use google chrome think that the default font display size for websites is quite small, In such cases some of the user do with a workaround that you can easily zoom pages to read text in large size where ever required. This could be a big problem for people with slight vision disabilities, so zooming each and every page in google chrome to read could be an issue for them.

But as it looks like google chrome team has realized this issue and now added a cool new option under google chrome options >> under the hood which allows you to specify the default font size for all the webpages and websites you load in google chrome, so once you specify the default font display websites in google chrome you will see the website in appropriate large size which is easy to read.

4-25-2011 1-23-48 AM

Follow the procedure to increase  or decrease the default font display size in google chrome.

1. Open & run google chrome

2. Go to google chrome Options as shown in the image below.

google -chrome-options

3. Click Under The Hood under option and locate the section named web content.


4. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can specify the default display font size for all the website in google chrome, once you made the changes instantly you will see bigger text or smaller as per your preferences.


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