Decompile, Split CHM Files & Save In HTML Format

Whenever we face ay problem while using an application, we opt to go for Help option of that application window. The help option of an application generally contains lots of pages in a CHM file format, which contain the solution to all possible problems, but we are required to read only few of them. Our time will be drastically saved if we select those pages and save them as, we will not have to open that heap of pages again and again. So, I have a tool named as ‘Northbright CHM tool’, which can do this for you.

This tool can help you either by decompiling that complete .chm file or by saving certain pages of that file in HTML format, which can be viewed further at any point of time. Once you decompile any CHM file then you will see many file of different formats like some files will be available in .hhk, some will be available in .hhc format and some of the files will not show their formats in their name.

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Now once you launch this tool, you will see that it does not have any toolbar inside the window. The only options available are regarding decompiling the tool and saving few pages. If you want to decompile a file ten you have to select the CHM file in the application window and then decide the output destination folder in which you want to decompile this file. When you press decompile then all the files with different as mentioned above will be present in the output folder.

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Now if you want to save a single topic then you can see the instructions mentioned in the application window. It’s a four step job, where you will have to open that chm file select that topic or page which you want to save and then open this tool, you will see that the name of the page and its URL has already been enlisted in that tool. Now if you want to save that page then you can click Save or else if you want to change then just go to your .CM file and change that page to the desired one.

The size of the tool is around 1Mb, so it is light and it will not take much time to get installed and while getting installed it will your permission while creating a shortcut. This freeware is compatible with all the versions of Windows, as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So please, go for it and feel easy!!!

Download Northbright CHM tool

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