Decode Short URLs To Reveal Long URLs With Untiny

These days spammers and bots account on twitter is increasing day by day, these spammers and twitter bots keep spamming many twitter account with their potentially dangerous links in automated replies to many twitter account. Some times you may accidently click the link and may land up in trouble like losing yours password cookies, visiting some malware or virus site or you might end up seeing some crappy ad page after clicking these short links which hide the long URL.

So, when ever you see a short link to click, you might have the doubt whether that short link is safe to click or not. Untiny is a free web service which saves you from this trouble by decoding any short link created with any web service like tinyURL, and many other short url services.

In order to decode any short link, you just need to open, enter the short URL and press Extract

[ as shown in the image below ]


If you don’t want to open the untiny website here is how you can use it directly from the address or location bar


You can also use the free desktop application for mac os which lets you convert and see hidden long URLs in short URLs


You can install different versions and add-ons for untiny as per your requirement, following are some untiny add-ons

1. UntinyFox 2.0
2. Untiny Mac App
3. Untinysh for Unbuntu Linux
4. Untiny Ubiquity
5. Untiny GTalk Bot
6. Untiny Windows Live Messenger Bot
7. Untiny Bookmarklet
8. Untiny Bookmarklet II
9. Untiny IE8 Accelerator
10. Untiny GreaseMonkey (updated)
11. Untiny Opera Widget

For all those developers reading this article, here is the link to the Untiny API it uses if you are interested in development of this tool.


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