Decode, Read Barcodes On Computer

Now a days, almost every product has a barcode on its backside or cover which contains its information. When we buy any product we do check its expiry date and other information but we never see at the barcode because the information on the barcode is in coded format.

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Some of us especially me wonder what is written in the barcode of the product which i am using. For this, i found this freeware called bcTester which help us in knowing the information on barcodes.

bcTester is a smart tool that reads barcodes from images or PDF files. It supports BMP, DDS, EXR, GIF, HDR, ICO, IFF, JNG, JPEG/JIF, PNG and many more file formats. This application is compatible with windows 7, vista and xp.

The main window of the application will appear like this with just the toolbar and statusbar. For the recognition of barcode, you have to first select the image of the barcode either by scanning or taking its picture.


After selecting the barcode, you can set its view using the options provided in the toolbar like zoom in, out,fit to page and more. You can also set the settings of the barcode in the option of ‘Settings’ in the toolbar which will open a new window with different options.


There is an option of ‘Type’  which is very important. When you will open the ‘Type’, it will show you a list of family of barcodes from which you can have an idea how many types of barcodes are.

You can select any type of the barcode if you think your barcode is from that family otherwise choose ‘default’ which will set the most popular symbolizes.


After doing the settings, the next step is to do bar recognition. You can decide whether you want to search the barcode to be recognized using the whole image or only using a field defined by you. The coordinates of the defined field are shown at the bottom right of the window.

The various options in the toolbar will be helpful in recognizing the barcode using different settings.


For example, i am using Quick recognize PDF for my chosen barcode which will show the result like this.


You can also analyze the barcode by using the option in the toolbar which will show this window. You just have to click ‘Start’ and the complete analysis will be shown in that window.


So, next time you see any barcode, take its picture and analyze its information yourself.

Download bcTester v4.8

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