Decode Google Search Results and Other Encoded Links With LinkWalker In Firefox

LinkWalker is cool firefox addon which lets you see the actual URL behind the encoded google search results, or any link, image or text selection, displays a popup showing the link, and any other links which might be encoded in the query string. It provides a context menu entry in the right click in firefox for links which displays encoded URLs, strips off querystring parameters, and converts text to links.

Picture 2

It also displays a tree of subfolder links from the popup, any displayed link can be clicked or dragged to a new window or tab. The LinkWalker add-on is useful for bypassing click-through servers, revealing encoded links, navigating a web site’s folder hierarchy, and converting selected text to clickable links. This add on can help a lot in detecting the phishing links and prevent you from clicking harmful links.

Install LinkWalker


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