Date and time reset or lost problem in windows.

This post is in response to a query fired by one of the reader ,problem is when she restart her system the time and date setting get lost.

Why this problem occurs ?

One of the most general perception about the problem is that this problem occurs only due to weak battery of the motherboard.

But this is not the case as even after replacing the battery the problem is not solved.

So What could be other cause of this problem.

This problem could be could be due to:

>>If you are running Windows 95, 98, or Windows ME user.

>>If you have any Third-party utility or program affecting BIOS.

>>Computer CMOS battery failing or bad.

>>BIOS not Y2K compatible.

    If you have this type of problem and your system doesn,t fall under any criteria specifiod above please leave a comment here with some description about your problem.


    1. BenCh says

      We have Windows Vista Ultimate. The clock time and/or date is wrong. Change it to be correct. Then after a couple weeks or so we will notice it is wrong again. Replaced battery. No change. Computer is only 6 months old.

    2. mike says

      Vista home premium on a FZ240 Vaio laptop. Date and time resets after a couple of weeks. After correcting it, it will reset again after a couple of weeks or sometimes after a few days. The reset happens usually the very first time it’s turned on after being turned off overnight.. Bought the laptop just a month ago.

    3. Sasanka says

      The system time in my pc used to reset itself to december 2nd, 1998. I went through a few forums and having read that the problem could be with the CMOS battery, I have changed it. Now i have a very strange problem. My system time is still wrong.. and even if i correct it, it resets itself to the last saved time within 30 mins. Please help me with this.

    4. Lucien says

      Windows XP Pro. Upon logging on to a user account as you log in the time is right. An instant later every time it resets the time to 10:01 PM, december 21, 2021. I have not changed mobo battery but i do not believe this is the problem as the time in the bios stays correct while the windows time does not.

    5. DJ says

      I have a brand new motherboard, so the date reset I don’t think is due to a weak battery.

      Every time I restart the computer, the date resets itself to an earlier year — usually 2008 — but its gone as early as 2003. I would like this problem solved. It’s pretty annoying to have to reset the year every time I turn the computer on and off.

      Thanks for your help


    6. raheel says

      Every time I restart the computer, the date resets itself to an earlier year — usually 1 Jan 2006.It’s pretty annoying to have to reset the year every time I turn the computer on and off.

    7. GY says

      well, I have a similar problem… every time I reset my PC, the date always resets itself to 6 june 2004 both on the desktop and BIOS…

      actually, does changing the battery on the MOBO really solves the problem? Looks like sasanka’s case, changing the battery doesn’t solve the problem.

      Thank you for your information

    8. Michael says

      Every day usually in the evening at approximately 9pm my computer’s date changes to the next day all on its own. I have changed the cmos battery and scanned for viruses but nothing came up. I have checked the settings and it is set with the correct time zone. I have tried synchronising and unsynchronising the clock, but that does not make any difference. It is a 4 year old Pentium 4 from Hp. Is it the system board? Any suggestions most welcome.

    9. rahul says

      Hi guys,

      I have a problem in the date & time with my system. The system date & time are not getting updated when i shut down the system. i have to set the correct date and time every day.

      suppose i shut down my pc at 11.00 in the morning, and if i start the PC in the evening t 05.00. I see the time doesnt not change, it still shows me 11.00 a.m, same is the problem with the date, suppose if i shut the PC on say the date is 1 of feb, i shut my pc on 1 feb at 11.00 pm, and start it the next day, the date doesnt not advance, it still shows me the date and time, on which i shut the PC.

      When i on the system there comes a message that default checksum values are loaded. After that i have to press F1 to continue booting process.

      I have recently replaced my RAM from a vendor. I am facing this problem after i repalced it. I think the guy who replaced the RAM should have screwed up something. Earlier i didnt get the error of the check sum…

      Can anyone help me out solving my problem???

    10. tuadm says

      @rahul – I would suggest you to remove ur RAM urself and then put it again in the slot after cleaning the slot with some dry air pressure – this might fix your problem.

    11. raja says

      When using the internet this time will be changed depends the country of the website. so if you like to change that. press start button then select control panel then click the date & time there got one option internet time then uncheck the automatic internet sychronised time. i think can solve……

    12. jim says

      I have trouble restarting my computer after sleep sometimes – lately about once a week, then when I finally wake it up the date and time have been reset- always 12.00 on Jan 1, 2006 and the other symptom is that the computer says it has no speakers – I restart and the speakers work again. But it keeps happening. Any ideas?

    13. jack says

      i m using window 7 …..and after shut downing the PC….next time as i start the PC my date and time change to 1st jan 2005 and time 12 “o” clock.please help me… just fed up with this problem……..

    14. Magesh Kumar says

      I too have a problem as jim’s. Every time I start the system, it resets to 12.00 am, Jan 1, 2006. I need to change the time every time I login.

      Any help regarding this problem?……….

    15. MML says

      Are there solutions? All I have read here are people indicating the same problem over and over.

      I have a box less than 2years running vista. I just began using it……….was sitting here, unplugged, for about 1.5 years.

      This problem occurs each and every time I reboot. I resets the date to manufacture preset.

    16. abhishek says

      @mml – I think the same solution does not work for every motherboard, i think it could be a motherboard problem

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