Cydia Apps Search Without iPhone, iPod or iPad On Computer Internet Browser

If you own an iPhone and and know something about jailbreak then you must also be familiar with Cydia which is a full featured software application powerful enough to let him or her search software packages for download on the phone and also offers management of these software packages.

It simple, innovative and very useful when it comes to accessing latest software packages which includes applications, themes, ringtones, and other modifications(skins, interface modifications etc) The applications works on all jailbroken Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Whenever one jailbreaks the above mentioned devices, Cydia typically gets installed while the jailbreaking process proceeds.

Cydia Search

By default the application contains a bunch of repositories which are the sources from where these software packages are downloaded for free. Besides these thousands free applications available for download, the source communities also sell some applications commercially through Cydia Store(sounds similar to App Store)

Cydia Search1

The application also lets users to add third party or private repositories which could be operated at the owner’s will through a source manager feature. As already mentioned above, Cydia has tens of thousands of packages, both free and paid and one can easily surf through them and can download any of its choice.

Cydia Search2

A new browser based search engine for Cydia has been launched and is known as Cydia Search. The new search service is a quick one as most of us are on our computers all the time and we can check for new packages there. The Cydia Search revises the database every hour so as to bring changes to it in case of addition of a repository or application. In simple words it keeps the database updated.

Using the service is no big deal and its like any other one and lets you use filters like search by Name, Description, Author, Package ID etc. Look for the link below to start using Cydia Search.

Google CYDIA SEARCH – [Browser Based Search]

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