Customize Windows 7 Aero Theme Appearance

Many of you like the Windows 7 Aero Glass appearance for your desktop windows. The Aero effect gives you a wonderful set of effects like blur, reflection which can make the appearance of the window very stylish. By default Windows will not allow you to fully customize the Aero Glass effect. But you can only set certain parameters hue, saturation and brightness using the Desktop Personalization option. You can also enable and disable the transparency effect. There are many other options apart from this which you would like to customize like reflection intensity, color levels etc. . But now I have got a tool for you named DWMColorMod which will allow you to customize the Windows Aero Glass appearance in way you always wanted to.


The above window will open when you will right click on the desktop and select the Personalize option. Now in that window there will be an icon at the bottom which named as window color when you will click on that icon the above window will open for you which allow you to modify the Windows Aero Glass Settings. The options available for you in this window will allow you to change the color of your windows borders, taskbar and Start menu. You also have the option To Enable and Disable the transparency using the Enable transparency check box. Then you have the options for Color Intensity, Hue, Saturation and Brightness. These are the only changes that it will provide you with the biggest disadvantage being just a limited amount of color options.


This is the window which will open when we will run the software for the first time after downloading it. The software will not require installation as it will run directly from the exe file which you will get by unzipping the ZIP file. The application will give you the advanced options to modify the windows aero glass settings like Color- Red, Color – Green, Color – Blue, Saturation, Brightness, Reflection Intensity, Color Intensity and Transparency. When you will open this application all the option present in this window will have the default values of the settings that we have made for windows aero glass. The best options that you will get using this software is the color options, now you can get any color of your choice using the three primary color values Red, Green and Blue. The brightness option is the other option which the much needed one for you to get that perfect setting.

Download DWMColorMod.

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