Customize, Remove Control+Alt+Delete Keys Options In Windows

Whenever we press the combination of keys Control+Alt+Delete, then some of the options come in front of us. Though we seldom use all of them but they always come in front of us and it happens most of the times that we press the above combination of keys only for the Windows Task Manager. Today i will be reviewing a tool which will help you to see only those the required options on the screens whenever you press the above combination of keys and the name of this tool is Tweak Control+Alt+Delete Tool which has been developed by IT knowledge 24.

This freeware will help you by disabling the options which are generally present, when we present the above mentioned combination of keys. This tool is really very simple to use as it will also be accompanied by a PDF file which will include all the steps to use this tool.

8-9-2010 9-51-36 PM

When you will launch this tool an application window will appear which will be similar to the snapshot shown above. It will not create any shortcut and it will also not be present in the tray of the taskbar. You will just have to read the options available in the application window and then mark accordingly.

As we now that primarily there are five options which are available in the default screen when we press Alt+Control+Delete key combination, which are to lock the system, to switch the user, to change the password, to start the Task Manager and to log off the system. Read the options in the application Window, as you you can disable any option among all the five options. If you want to see only the Windows Task manager on the logon Window then you should mark all the option except the one representing the disable Task Manager. The application window of that tool will look like the one shown below.

8-9-2010 9-52-06 PM

After executing it, the change will occur and then the only option on the screen after pressing Alt+Control+Delete key will be Task Manager. Hence the tool worked. Use it and Enjoy!!!

The size of this tool is astonishingly small and moreover it is portable, the size of this tool is around 29Kbs but it will be present in a zipped file accompanied by a PDF file as mentioned above. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Tweak Control+Alt+Delete Tool

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