Customize How Facebook Profile & Other Options Look Like In Google Chrome

The addiction to facebook is one of the things we all like. It helps us to keep in touch with the near and dear ones even after the long distances. Also, Facebook is of great help to save our time. But recently I realised that it is becoming an application just for the sake of likes and comments. The same interface is no more interesting. I can’t change the appearance according to my preferences. To overcome this boredom I found a tool named as Minimalist for Facebook. We have also notified the Minimalist for Gmail Notification which is liked by many users.

Minimalist for facebook is a free google chrome extension for its users. You can easily download and install it with the help of the link given at the end. The icon will be present in the address bar as shown in the snapshot below. But remember that it will be in the address bar for facebook only and not others.

Facebook - Google Chrome_2011-05-10_14-02-27

Right click on the icon and select options to make the changes according to your choice. The options are divided under different heads as: General, Theme, Toolbar Navigation, Sidebar, Main and Import/ Export. The snapshot below displays the user interface.

Minimalist for Facebook Options - Google Chrome_2011-05-10_14-02-57

  • General: It will help to change the It will help you to toggle between display and hide the Options Icon, Favicon Counter, Animate Transitions, Footer and Custom CSS.
  • Theme: Change color of accent and background. Simply click on the block and use the slider and pointer to select the shade. The option is also for the full width layout and hover highlights. The minimalist stylesheet will be available for the users very soon.
  • Toolbar: The toolbar at the top can be hidden or floating. Similarly, options are available for the search box, right and left section of the facebook webpage.
  • Navigation: It provides the option to float or hide the navigation. Similarly, options for Profile Section, Groups Section, Navigation Section and Chat Section are available.
  • Sidebar: It can be hidden or floating with few other options.
  • Main: It is to show or hide various stories and pages.
  • Import/ Export: It helps you to transfer the settings. You can save the different settings for future view. And if you don’t like the changes, simply Reset All. It has been shown in the snapshot below.

Minimalist for Facebook Options - Google Chrome_2011-05-10_14-04-59

The More and Changes tab help you to have a better understanding of the options available. In short, the utility is very user friendly and will support you to get the best possible facilities. I will suggest you to try it once. You will surely enjoy it.

Install Minimalist for facebook

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